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Centolite Pty (Ltd) believes in long-term, sustainable business partnerships with our customers by understanding our customers’ needs & operating environment and the importance of cost efficient and reliable supply services.  We strive to protect our own, our customers’ and the community’s health and safety in all our business activities.  Our pricing policy is to be competitive, supported by quality products, high customer service standards, strict business ethics and unwavering integrity.  Centolite Pty (Ltd) supply and install site storage facilities which are free-on-loan.  This includes the provision of Fuel Management Systems.  We will maintain all dispensing equipment on loan from us & we negotiate take-over of equipment when applicable.

Centolite Pty (Ltd) Trading Policy

Our pricing policy is to be competitive, supported by quality products, high customer service standards and strict business ethics and unwavering integrity.  Discounts will be negotiated based on tonnage, current usage, zones and where business operations are situated.  The diesel, petrol and illuminating paraffin prices are based on wholesale list prices and are subject to the increases or decreases and/or zone differentials as determined by the Department of Minerals and Energy.  Prices charged are the ruling prices as at date of delivery/dispatch.  Diesel, Petrol and Illuminating Paraffin are zero rated and do not attract VAT under the Value Added Tax Act, (Act 89 of 1991).



  • Sasol (Secunda and Natref)
  • Masana (BP)
  • Total
  • Afric Oil (Engen)
  • Chevron
  • Puma Energy


  • Sasol
  • Total
  • Other Brands on Request

Commercial Charter

Develop a profitable and effective marketing infrastructure in selected areas.
Trade in commercial fuels and lubricants markets.
Trade in retail non branded / white sites fuels and lubricants markets.
Respect our planet, our people’s, health, safety and environment in our operations.
Grow our business to make a significant impact in the market.

Current Markets

Non Refining Wholesalers

Retail White Non Branded Sites


Small BTF Drops