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Centolite Pty (Ltd) was registered in 2009 as a Closed Corporation trading in the Wholesale of Petroleum Products and Lubricants.   These Products include the bulk sale of all Petroleum Products and Lubricants in the local markets for both Inland and Coastal regions.  Centolite Pty (Ltd) applied for a Wholesale License in terms of the Petroleum Products Amendment Act, on which the application was granted and our certificate issued.

Business Philosophy

Centolite Pty (Ltd) Business Philosophy is based on service, customer and marketing orientation, best in class supply logistics, competitive pricing and entrepreneurship.  Backed by a transparent, integrated, professional and innovative approach with customer satisfaction, safety, productivity and quality of product as our core values.


To be the first choice wholesaler for our customers in the markets we serve.

Implications of our Vision

The first step is to lay the foundation and become renowned for excellence at Centolite Pty (Ltd) current status.  Then only to grow in accordance with Centolite Pty (Ltd) vision.  Once we have achieved our vision of excellence Centolite Pty (Ltd) as an organization sees the following implications:

  • We supply excellent products
  • Our services is rated as top of the class in our market
  • Our internal administration is on par with international best practice
  • Our employees are A-Grade and capable of excellence in there line of function
  • Our personal and corporate conduct is reputed in the market as top class
  • Our financial affairs are an admirable example of prudence

Our vision implies that we reflect a consistency of excellence throughout every facet of our business.


We Are Inspired To Create:

  • A new generation retail network in the Inland region
  • Exceed our existing and new commercial sector customer’s expectations
  • Sustainable economic value for all our stakeholders
  • A reputation for world class service with a customer first attitude

BEE Status

Centolite Pty (Ltd) is committed to the empowerment of those who have been economically marginalized and previously disadvantaged with a main focus on creating a work environment which promotes equal opportunities for all and to ensure that the future environment within which we work will reflect the demographics of the South African Society.

Preferential Procurement

Centolite Pty (Ltd) is committed to the engagement of Black-Owned and controlled enterprises for all our procurement requirements and hence have developed and implemented policies and procedures to assist in achieving our preferential targets.  All our Fuels are currently supplied by Black Based Economic Enterprise (BEE) Companies e.g. BP Masana, PetroSA and Afric-Oil.

Enterprise Development

Centolite Pty (Ltd) is committed to the development of local organizations to create critical mass within the region with local people. Centolite Pty (Ltd) is currently in the process of establishing a Partnership Strategy that encourages mutually beneficial black entrepreneurs and empowered enterprises to participate in local areas.

Socio-Economic Development

Centolite Pty (Ltd) has pro-actively considered and ranked the reasons for embarking on a social responsibility program. These reasons are for our organization to adopt the role of a good citizen in the interests of future business sustainability.


In working to fulfill our purpose, we have certain commitments that we live by.  Firstly we are committed to contribute to the business wellbeing of our customers.  Secondly, as a corporate citizen we are committed to the kind of ethical, financial and governance standards that the society we live in are justified to expect from us.  Thirdly, we are committed to our employees, to provide them with the basic security of future employment and growth therein and to reward performance that is in alignment with our strategic direction.